Photo A Day – November 6: My favourite #FMSphotoaday

An owl delivers our wedding rings

SINCE TODAY WAS our ‘demiversary’ (six months since our civil partnership) I am cheating by sharing my favourite photo taken on that day instead of today.

As my friend Sean catches the owl that flew the length of the church aisle carrying our rings, our family and friends looked on amazed, as we had kept this moment secret.

This was a gathering of as many as possible of our favourite people, to witness us making promises to one another to be ‘favourites’ for life.

The first words I spoke in the service (which caused me to well up with emotion on the day) sum it up beautifully:

We stand here today in the presence of people
from so many parts of our journey.
You are the people who have been family for us.

We spent a lot of time planning the day, but there were only a few things I felt really strongly about. One was that we wanted a blessing in church (and I firmly believe we did not just ask for one, but received one, abundantly).

Another was the owl. We went to a civil partnership fair in Manchester, just like any other wedding fair except specifically for same sex couples. Most of what we saw was too fussy, tacky or expensive. But when I turned and saw a beautiful snowy white barn owl on the arm of a flame haired woman, my inner child leapt up and down inside me, saying: ‘I want that one!’ So, with a bit of jiggling the budget, we did.

Thanks to Flying the Knot for providing the magnificent barn owls on the day. And to Simply Perfection for the amazing photographs, especially this one!

For the background to the Photo A Day challenge, please read the intro to Day 1 here.

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