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Welcome – my name is Kieran Bohan. I am a 50-something gay Christian seeking ways to live authentically:

Photo of Kieran Bohan, Open Table Network Co-ordinator, by Tanith Holloway

Jacob and the Angel by Alexander Louis Leloir

Why ‘A brave faith’?

When I began writing this blog I did so under a pseudonym – ‘Jack-With-No-Box’. I explained the origin of that name and of the the title of the blog in an early post hereI headed the blog in the early years with this image: Jacob and the Angel by Alexander Louis Leloir. It represented something of my experience of ‘wrestling for blessing’, which I first wrote about here.

As I grew in confidence following publicity of our civil partnership and media requests for interviews following the UK Government’s consultation on same-sex marriage in England and Wales, I began writing more openly under my own name, and headed the blog using this photo of my husband and I on the threshold of the church on the day of our civil partnership. I wrote about the significance of this image for us here.

While I still write under my own name, I have reverted to the image of Jacob and the Angel to reflect the wrestling with ideas, identities and theologies about which I often write.

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