Photo A Day – December 3: Hand held #FMSphotoaday

MANY of us spend more time looking at our smartphones than at the faces of our loved ones, researchers claim.

It’s true that hand-held devices are seductive and attention-seeking – the temptation to see what’s new will always be there and most likely grow stronger with each innovation.

They are a wonderful invention which, used wisely, can enhance our commmunication skills and relationships.

But digital interaction and face to face contact require different skills which should not be confused. If it begins to feel like our digital devices need to be surgically removed from our hands, maybe we need spend more holding a loved one’s hand.

If in doubt, try stroking your loved one’s face and demanding ‘Call home!’ or ‘Email my boss!’ and see how far you get…

For the background to the Photo A Day challenge, please read the intro to Day 1 here.

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