Photo A Day – December 10: Under #FMSphotoaday

THE GIFTS from Australia have arrived, and are the first under the tree.

My partner is from Sydney, Australia, but we can’t afford to go there every year at the height of their summer, so his mum has sent a box of goodies for him and me, including hand-knitted decorations for the tree!

We also have a few Aussie themed decorations to help him feel at home, including the globe depicting the Sydney Opera House, which we bought there on the day I proposed in 2009.

There’s also the Santa in green and gold, the colours of the Aussie rugby team, which we found in the Australia Shop near Covent Garden in London. While on honeymoon in Australia this year, we bought the sequinned pink and grey bird, known as a ‘Flaming Galah’, an Aussie native that looks like this:

Although my partner’s dad was from Liverpool, and he has family here, he grew up in Sydney and misses home especially at Christmas, as I did when I was in Sydney for Christmas 2009.

I hope the little reminders of home help him to feel that this is his new home as we make a new life together.

For the background to the Photo A Day challenge, please read the intro to Day 1 here.

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