Stephen Fry visit to Liverpool LGBT youth group February 2013 – Part 1

A YEAR AGO TODAY, Stephen Fry came to Liverpool to meet members of the Liverpool LGBT youth group GYRO (gay youth ‘r’ out) to find out about their experiences of being young and LGBT in 21st Century Britain.

It was planned as part of his documentary on homophobia called Stephen Fry: Out There which was first broadcast by the BBC in November 2013.

Sadly the filming in Liverpool did not make the final cut, as the situation in places like Uganda and Russia is so horrendous at present that the producer focussed less on the UK and more on the international situation.

The production company, Maverick Television, kindly released the uncut footage to help us promote the youth group. This has never been shown on TV. Forgive the poor editing, I’m a youth worker not a film-maker.

This is part one (12 minutes), where Stephen Fry interviewed me about the youth group. Part two, where he met the youth group, is here.

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