Photo A Day – November 16: View From the window #FMSphotoaday

It’s 7am and the carpet fitters are due to arrive at 7.30. As I clear the last of the furniture from the room in readiness for their arrival, this is what I can see from the front window of the flat.

The light and colour caught my eye – an impressive sky as dawn breaks and the street lights surrender to the new day.

Not sure what that swirl of lights is in the centre – most likely a reflection in the raindrops of the light in the room.

As lovely as this is, the view is not what it once was. When I moved here almost ten years ago, there were three trees, as tall as the three storey house, that screened the noise from the busy road below and provided beautiful shade in the summer.

Sadly the trees grew too close to the stone wall in the garden, and pushed it out until it became unsafe. So the trees had to go. The one you can see in the centre is in our neighbour’s garden.

I still love this flat, especially now we have redecorated, but I do miss those trees. Some replacements were planted but I would have to stay here until I retire for them to be anywhere near as tall as the massive trunks they replaced!

For the background to the Photo A Day challenge, please read the intro to Day 1 here.

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