Photo A Day – November 25: Sky #FMSphotoaday

TODAY THE SKY was ‘dunduckety grey’, as my mother might say. ‘What’s dunduckety grey?’ you ask.  ‘The colour of a mouse’s diddy,’ she would reply.

So instead of a dull rectangle of sodden sky, I thought I’d share the one we’d rather see on days like this.

Taken a few weeks ago as I walked to work, this is the sky above the Greek Orthodox Church of St Nicholas at the other end of our road.

We live in what was once a wealthy area, where rich Victorian merchants planned and built impressive places of worship as after-life’ insurance. The Orthodox Church is directly opposite an Anglican Church and a beautiful synagogue.

Further along the avenue is the octagonal chapel formerly used by the Adult Deaf and Dumb Institute, designed ‘in the round’ so that the whole congregation could see the minister’s signing.

Back on our side of the road is the remains of a Welsh Presbyterian Church, now fallen into decay, but clearly once the largest and grandest of them all.

As part of The Artist’s Way programme I am following, I have been trying to walk to work more often, and look up and around me, noticing the environment as I do so, to help keep me grounded and focussed on being in the present moment, not criticising yesterday or worrying about tomorrow. When I make the effort, I always feel better for it.

On a wet day like today, I would probably take the bus. But when the sun is out and the sky is blue, it’s a pleasure to start the working day this way, and learn to appreciate the view.

So I share with you this piece of sky, in the hope that you appreciate it too.

For the background to the Photo A Day challenge, please read the intro to Day 1 here.

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